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14 Jan

What You Need to Have When Applying for an SBA Business Acquisition Loan

As a busy owner of a financial advising firm, it is a constant challenge juggling the tasks necessary to run the business with those that also help to grow the business. Applying for an SBA business acquisition loan is no exception. Getting through the loan process quickly and easily is possible with preparation. To help, […]

04 Jan

Utilizing Existing Staff to Transition Clients During an Acquisition

As we discussed in a previous blog post, “Strategies to Retain Clients After an Acquisition,” client retention is critical to not only ensuring the survival of the business but also its ability to repay loans used to acquire the business. There are many factors we explored in the article. One, in particular, is of extreme […]

28 Nov

Three Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make During the Loan Process

  When seeking credit to acquire a new business or grow an existing business, there are many things a business owner can do to ensure a quick and successful loan process. There are also several things a business owner can do to hinder the loan process. In this post we have compiled a list of […]

08 Nov

More Skin in the Game: The SBA’s Proposal to Reinstate the Personal Liquidity Test

Lending regulations are constantly changing, especially those that apply to SBA backed loan products. Earlier this year the SBA instituted a new version of their Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), which included language referred to as the “Personal Liquidity Test” added as part of the Credit Elsewhere Test. The Personal Liquidity Test suggests looking at all […]

18 Oct

Strategies to Retain Clients After An Acquisition

The value of any financial advising firm lies in its book of clients. It’s that value that serves as the basis of monetary worth during an acquisition. The projected return on investment justifies the expense of purchasing, that is if the buyer can maintain that book of business once the deal is closed. As lending […]

16 Jul

SBA Franchise Directory Listing for Broker/Dealers

Is your Broker/Dealer on the SBA Franchise Directory? They need to be for SBA lending. Considering an SBA loan to help grow your financial advisor practice? If you operate under any type of signed agreement with a Broker/Dealer (think rep agreement), those agreements need to be reviewed by SBA, and the brand listed on the […]

12 Apr

Tax Time: What’s Needed For Lending

With April 17th a few days away, you are probably hurriedly preparing your documents and getting everything in order to file your taxes. We wanted to take some time to clarify what details you will need to provide a lender for financial analysis for your financial advisor loan. As is normal with tax topics, this is […]

08 Feb

Business Valuation Resource Guide for Financial Advisor Lending

Whether you are seeking a loan for expansion, acquisition, or a partner buyout, you will need plenty of documents, and that often includes a business valuation. At Salt Creek, we use the SBA 7(a) loan program which comes with a government guarantee. It’s this guarantee that helps us offer such competitive rates and terms for […]

06 Feb

How Do We Calculate Global Cash Flow and Why Is It Important?

Usually one of the strongest credit aspects when financing an advisor practice acquisition is the consolidated cash flow that is available from the practice that is being purchased, and the existing practice of the buyer. Often, the practice being acquired can comfortably service the project debt associated with the practice acquisition. This is an ideal […]